We offer counseling to people in all stages of their careers.  Whether you are a recent graduate, interested in changing industries, or entering the labor market after an absence, we can help.

Our counselors offer interest testing, resume preparation, and help with identifying vocational goals.  We teach job seeking skills and specific techniques for contacting employers.  This includes the appropriate use of email and the internet in conducting a successful job search.  We instruct job seekers with regards to networking, use of personal contacts, and utilization of newspapers, government listings, and employment agency job postings.  We have an extensive in-house library full of valuable job seeking skills literature and labor market information.

Job seekers are taught how to organize and document their job search and the correct way to follow up with potential employers.  We also provide job interview coaching and prepare professional resumes for job seekers, as determined necessary.  Our services are highly individualized and specific to each job seeker's needs.



Our vocational consultants are experienced in assessing vocational potential and loss of earning capacity in a variety of litigation contexts, including:Worker's Compensation

Worker's Compensation - Private Vendor

Personal Injury

Divorce / Collaborative Divorce



Social Security

A comprehensive interview is conducted to collect background information, education history, work experience, volunteer activities and hobbies, vocational plans and goals, etc.  After the interview, a transferable skills analysis is conducted to establish vocational potential.

Medical records are reviewed to identify functional capacities and work restrictions.  Research is conducted using labor market information, including local wage surveys, trade publications, statistical reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, etc.  Based upon all of this information, opinions regarding earning potential and wage loss are developed.

In case of injury the vocational impact is quantified.  Opinions are presented in a concise written report and through oral testimony.



Our vocational rehabilitation services include:

Case Management

Vocational Assessment

Aptitude and Achievement Testing

Interest Testing

Transferable Skills Analysis

Job Analysis

Employer Consultation

Vocational Counseling & Rehabilitation Planning

Labor Market Research

Job Seeking Skills Training

Resume Preparation

Job Placement

Schooling/Training Coordination

Collaborative Divorce Assessment and Counseling

The goal of our rehabilitation services is to return an injured worker to work either for their employer of injury or with a suitable employer in the general labor market.  When loss of earning capacity is an issue, retraining plans can be developed to restore an individual to his/her pre-injury earning capacity.

We are trained to work as Certified Private Rehabilitation Specialists in lieu of the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR).  Our consultants are skilled in the application of counseling techniques to assist in establishing appropriate vocational goals.  We are trained in the administration of vocational tests of achievement, aptitudes, interests and special skills.  Our testing battery includes the Wide Range Achievement Test-4 (WRAT4), the Career Assessment Inventory (CAI), the Wonderlic Personnel Test, and the Nelson-Denny Reading Test among others.  Testing is utilized when appropriate, to assist in identifying vocational goals and to determine the appropriateness of vocational retraining programs.